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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy 2012! Ten top reasons Fox Manor beats Mom’s lumpy sofabed

Welcome to 2012! Hope that everyone had a great holiday season and that your jeans still fit! As you start to plan your trips this year, please think of Fox Manor.

It’s countdown to vacations and while the family gathering is supposed to be joyful, the anticipation of sleepless nights on the sofabed…or worse yet blow up mattress… is not causing sweet dreams in your head. While it takes less energy to smile than frown at family gatherings, sleepless nights in the uncomfortable guest bed – whatever it may be – means you’d better use caution before saying things that will not be forgotten.

No need to lose any more sleep thinking about how to explain the dark circles under your eyes to Mom and the family. There’s surely still plenty of room at the inn nearby. Consider these ten reasons Fox Manor is the better way to stay this vacation season.

1. Their walls don’t talk: Everyone needs time to process that insensitive comment from the sister-in-law, or crazy Aunt Helen’s antics. Rather than being overheard at Mom’s house, retreat to the quiet Fox Manor where you can rehash all the family fun with your spouse later in the evening.

2. A place for your toothbrush: Pet peeve #21 about staying at Mom’s: no room for the toilet kit. Book a holiday stay at Fox Manor close to Mom’s and you’ll have a private bath all to yourself. And you don’t even have to put the toilet seat down if you don’t want to!

3. Start the day out right: While you know Mom wants you to get plenty of fiber, her idea of soupy oatmeal is not your idea of the perfect breakfast. Since breakfast is the half Fox Manor's name you can count on a delicious and hearty start to your day if you book a stay this holiday season.

4. Greetings with a smile: Family visits can take their toll on Mom and Dad, especially when company is involved. Check into nearby Fox Manor and you’ll be greeted with a smile from an innkeeper who’s happy to welcome you home.

5. No need to make the bed: You don’t make your bed at home but when you stay at Mom’s it’s not only a requirement it has to be done to her specs. Leave the bed making to your innkeeper, and spend your vacation making memories not beds.

6. Room to breathe: It can get awfully crowded during family  gatherings and especially tough when Aunt Mildred insists on dousing herself in Eau de Toilette. Take refuge at Fox Manor and you’ll have plenty of room to spread out and breathe.

7. Guilt free: While there’s nothing better than being home, there’s bound to be a reminder or two from one or another family member of something you’d rather forget. Check into Fox Manor and get a warm welcome from an innkeeper who’ll help with your baggage, not remind you about it.

8. Turn down the heat: It’s often too hot at Mom’s house. You’re used to your 60-degree home where you throw an extra blanket on rather than bust the heating budget. This year, cool off after Mom’s house at a Fox Manor where if it’s too hot, you don’t have to worry about asking to turn the heat down or open a window.

9. Silence: Do your ears ring after an evening of family reminiscing? Retreat to Fox Manor and you’ll savor the silence in your private room.

10. And last but not least…Best reason to stay at Fox Manor rather than Mom’s house is a good night’s sleep on fabulously comfortable beds with clean, comfortable linens, comfy pillows and some time to recharge.
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